English Grammar

English Grammar will no longer cause any shadow of anxiety, confusion or embarrassment. On the difficulties of the English describe in simple language so that all the puzzles in the head will develop into a complete picture. Our supply of English grammar – it’s just ochumet, all able to afford it;)

Imagine that you need right now to start some brand new business for you. For example, to drive a car for the first time to bake pies, to bathe the newborn in the bath. How do you begin? Options:

  1. Take a will, in what a problem.
  2. Read at first the Internet or in books, how to do it.
  3. Call a friend, an experienced in this matter.
  4. Help the room (ask for another).
  5. Learn from a professional.
  6. I will not do.

The option you choose, you characterize very bright. When it comes to English grammar, then, depending on which method you chose above, it is expected to include:

  1. LOL (laugh is the teachers and the British who heard your speech on English).
  2. Add to that patience and time, you will acquire all the rules yourself.
  3. Add to that another patient and his time, under his leadership, you will acquire all the rules.
  4. You do not learn anything, but listen to how others do it.
  5. Add to that money, you learn all the rules.
  6. You will be able to ski, meet up with friends in a cafe, sleep, eat – in general, life is good.

As you can see, to understand English grammar, you must, in theory, only three things: a source of law, time and patience. The first thing you are asked in these articles, but with the other two components will have to cope on their own.

Thus, we give you a fishing rod, and fish you catch yourself. What is the charm of our fishing rods? The fact that it is lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. We will not download your scary terms of grammar, torturing long lists, flickering arrows turn circuits on A4 and other intricacies that frightens some teachers of English.

In English grammar is nothing particularly complex, unlike many other European languages ​​(not to mention Oriental and African). You can just read the articles as an art book. Even if a minimum be acquired, at the finish line you will find that owns most of the rules that previously seemed unfeasible.

As an example, we make something already in the introductory part. What is it? From phrases. What is the phrase? Propositions. What is the offer? Stop! To clarify: what is in the British proposal? Subject and predicate. Usually it – noun and verb (do not say you do not remember these words): dog runs, a passer by shouts, the dog barks, the owner yells. However, the noun can be successfully replaced by a pronoun: she runs, you shout, it barks, I yell.

You have just listened to the news bulletin lecture about the parts of speech. What memories? At least the word “noun” and “verb” to have been associated with grammar, not cooking or construction and installation works. But more is not necessary. We are ready to continue in the same rhythm?

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